5 thoughts on “The Impenetrable Layer of Suck

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  2. I like how the idea of information flows downwards only. Must be a upper level management view of things. Personally I prefer a 2 way street, but as with all these things, when someone has been in the business 15 years and is more than just a little long in the tough, they know how to ram ideas down people’s throats and teach grandmothers to suck eggs 🙂 Suck is the word!

  3. I think the middle layer is less about being “middle management” than it is about being a) close minded, b) risk averse and c) lacking any kind of vision. This is a question of ‘quality of human’ rather than station/location/position.

    Love the graphic 🙂

  4. I agree with Peter’s assessment that middle management is closed minded, risk adverse and lacking any kind of vision. But I think the root cause is not in their lack of quality as humans but that they are a product of the system that they are in. This eventually goes back to upper management and their lack of leadership, specifically servant-leadership.

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