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  1. reg chua
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    Kevin, couldn’t agree more. Too much wistful thinking about the iPad – and largely around the idea that it was just like paper, as if that was a real advantage. To be sure, there are ways that tablets will change the way to interact with media and information, but it makes no sense to assume it’ll be the same way we interact with paper – or that we would want to. As with all new platforms – media – we need to find ways to optimize each one so readers/users truly benefit from it. Reg

  2. Kevin Anderson
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    Reg, I think you’ve hit on one of the key issues afflicting media and journalism right now which is that we need to think in terms of value and optimisation for our readers/users. It challenges a lot of what we do as journalists, publishers and content creators, but it really is the only way that we can hope to make this transition.

    Did you follow the Newspaper Next project in the US? It was a fascinating project by the American Press Institute that involved a number of very good people – Steve Buttry and Steve Yelvington. It’s a blueprint for disrupting your own business before someone else does. It’s well worth a look.

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