links for 2010-10-11

ongoing by Tim Bray · Ten Theses on Tablets Kevin: Tim Bray has a nice comparison of tablets including the Samsung Galaxy (he works for Google, and it runs Android), the iPad and mobile phones. He talks about the different ways that you'd use both a 7-inch tablet like the Galaxy and a 9-inch tablet such as the iPad. He… Read more →

links for 2010-10-09

Timeline Reader – AP Labs Kevin: Woah! An HTML5 timeline news reader by the Associated Press. This is the kind of radical design that I had hoped that HTML5 would create, and I didn't expect to see this so early from the news design community. I think that HTML5 and touch-screen navigation really start to push forward some of this… Read more →

links for 2010-10-08

My top ten datasets – a guest post by Simon Rogers | Kevin: My friend and former colleague Simon Rogers writes about his favourite UK government data sets. It's a great post for budding data journalists in the UK. Well worth keeping handy. (tags: data UK computerassistedreporting government datastore Guardian 2010 training)

links for 2010-10-07

Seedcamp winners riding wave of relevant content « Notion Capital – Jos White’s Blog Kevin: An interesting look at content through the eyes of the seed funders at Seedcamp. Jos White writes: "The Internet over the last few years has been about getting as much content to as many people as possible – bringing an incredible range of content to… Read more →

links for 2010-10-06

The Loud, Cartoonish Blood Sport That’s Engorged MSNBC, Exhausted CNN—and Is Making Our Body Politic Delirious — New York Magazine Kevin: An interesting look at CNN and how it has struggled against Fox News on the right and MSNBC on the left. (tags: news cnn tv msnbc cable cabletelevision journalism USA FoxNews 2010)

links for 2010-10-05

Now this is remarkable. An amazing interactive (newspaper) iPhone ad Kevin: An interesting mix of digital and print using an iPhone to enhance a print advert. Looking at the ad, it looks like the person has to first type in a web address. That might put some people off, but it still seems like an interesting way to merge media…. Read more →

links for 2010-10-04

2 New Tools for the Backend of Location-Based Apps Kevin: RWW looks at two tools for location analytics, GeoIQ has created a new product that "will now automatically create dashboards showing developers where, when and how their apps are being used along with meaningful statistics and metrics". Another service in beta, Fourscore, will show the rate of turnover in 'mayor-ships'… Read more →

links for 2010-09-27

Journalism in the Age of Data Kevin: Geoff McGhee has created a video report looking at data visualisation as a story-telling medium. It has examples of telling 'data stories', life as a data stream and exploring data and technologies and tools. (tags: visualization datajournalism data journalism infographics media 2010) Frontline Club – The Forum – Journalism, insight and debate at… Read more →

links for 2010-09-22

Media Cache – Norwegian Newspaper Taps Into Web’s Efficiencies – Kevin: The Fredrikstad Blad in Norway (a place where I've been and have done journalism training at the Norwegian Institute of Journalism) decided last year to dedicate half of its resources, both editorial and commercial, to the web. They have doubled their online revenue. It's been difficult, but the… Read more →

links for 2010-09-21

The Real Problem With Display: A Glut Of Inventory | paidContent Kevin: An article from 2009 that says that a glut of advertising space was one of the things depressing online display advertising during the recession. I wonder if things have changed as the recession eases. Tameka Kee wrote: "Even if the economy rebounds in 2009, it doesn’t look like… Read more →

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