NPR head of apps: Mobile media doesn’t mean on the move anymore

A number of forward-looking editors and media managers are advocating a mobile first mindset as the mobile revolution becomes a reality. In a great overview of a recent Hacks/Hackers talk in Buenos Aires, US National Public Radio’s news app editor Brian Boyer explains why mobile doesn’t mean on the move anymore and why we should be creating content for audiences’ “cracks in the day”.

Hulu Unveils Subscription Service For $9.99 a Month – Media Decoder Blog –

Kevin: Stunning move by Hulu. $10 a month buys you access (in the US) to every espisode of every show that its affiliated networks provide. That's on your computer, your iPhone, your iPad, some internet-connected TVs and soon the XBox and PS3. Woa…

Media08: China’s emerging digital culture

Kaiser Kuo, Group Director, Digital Strategy Ogilvy China (also a rock star) China’s digital culture shares a lot of features with anglo cultures but also eastern neighbours – mobile culture of Japan and Korea. He is going to take some time to “bust some persistent myths”. I was born in the States. He has lived in China continuously for 12… Read more →