Howto: Geo-tagging photos for an easy map mashup

Next month, I’ll be heading to the US to travel across the country and to talk to ordinary people about the issues that are important to them in the presidential election. I did similar trips for the BBC in 2000 (that’s me behind the floppy hair) and 2004, and I often credit the BBC’s Steve Herrmann for encouraging me to… Read more →

Newspapers can break news again

Steve Outing highlighted on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits how useful Twitter can be during breaking news. Sending out short burst updates during a breaking news event can keep journalists in the field and close to the story while quickly filing updates that can easily be pulled via RSS into your site. He wrote: In the not-so-distant past, I would have urged… Read more →

Lebanese-Israeli conflict via mobile phones

Suw and I have been meaning to do a podcast, maybe a podcast over crepes in the morning. The Strange Attractor Crepe-cast. At any rate, fresh off our two-week European road trip, I decided to take the podcast plunge and have a chat with Eric Sundelof, who is just finishing a fellowship with the Reuters Digital Vision programme. As he… Read more →

NowPublic Citizen Photojournalism Awards

NowPublic, the website that allows you to post photos online to illustrate news stories, has announced its new Citizen Photojournalism Awards. With a prize of $100 on offer for the five weeks from 13th May to 10th June, and a Grand Prize of $500 to be awarded on 17th June, this competition is open to anyone who takes a newsworthy… Read more →

Now Public now public

Whilst I was at Northern Voice, I had an interesting chat with Michael Tippett about citizen journalism and his site NowPublic, which was then in beta. NowPublic’s remit is simple – marry photos and news stories so that anyone with a digital camera or cameraphone can become a photojournalist. Once logged in, you can either request photos to go with… Read more →

Mobroadcasting breaking news

The potential for digital cameras to capture breaking news is in itself old news. News programmes have been using stills and footage sent in by viewers who happened to be in the right place at the right time for ages. But I saw for the first time this morning an example of the ultimate in moblogging: Mobroadcasting. BBC South‘s news… Read more →

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