Data security vs agility and cost

Third party social media tools really are a two-edged sword. On the one hand, they allow you to get up and running almost instantaneously for little or no money, but on the other hand you have no data security or guarantee of uptime. I’m reminded of this dichotomy by the recent closure of a number of music blogs by Google’s… Read more →

The power of ecosystems

It used to be that I judged a new social tool, service or application purely on intrinsic qualities such as functionality, usability, design or utility. In an increasingly competitive social media landscape, where even niches are getting crowded, what is it that makes one tool stand out above the others? Ecosystem. Plain and simple. What kind of API does the… Read more →

Is tendering right for social software projects?

One of the most important stages in building a relationship with a new client is, in my opinion, requirements gathering. Partly this happens even before a deal is struck, because consultants need to know top level requirements before they can put together a proposal. Once work begins there’s usually a more formal and detailed requirements gathering phase during which one… Read more →

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