The role of belief in ebook pricing and what to do about it

(Cross posted from Chocolate and Vodka. Please comment there!) So yes, I know it’s nearly Christmas Eve and I know I should be turning my brain off, but this blog post about ebook pricing by Declan Burke came across my radar today on Twitter (and yes I know I should have turned Twitter off too) and I couldn’t not reply…. Read more →

The best Christmas present you can give a new author: An Amazon review

(Cross posted from Chocolate and Vodka.) Last month there was a great blog post by Anne Allen about how important Amazon reviews are to new authors: […] Amazon reviews, which were only mildly significant three years ago, now have a make-or-break impact on an author’s sales. When you’re buying an ebook, there’s no helpful bookstore clerk to tell you what… Read more →

Kindle sales stats: a paucity of information

(Another cross-post from Chocolate and Vodka.) As a newbie to self-publishing, I find myself transported back a decade to the time when I was so obsessed with my blog traffic stats that I made a spreadsheet and noted down what events caused spikes in traffic. After a while I lost interest in the numbers, but now I’m back to tracking… Read more →

Will Apple’s obstinacy become self-defeating?

Apple’s attitude towards app approval for iTunes has been strange, to say the least. Stories abound of ?seemingly innocent applications being rejected for obscure reasons or, indeed, no real reason at all. The latest example of their arbitrariness is the rejection of Time’s subscription-based magazine app for Sports Illustrated, “where consumers would download the magazines via Apple’s iTunes, but would pay Time… Read more →

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