To serve your audience, stop feeding the goat

When I wrote recently about my efforts to build a community platform at the two local newspapers I lead, a good friend, Adam Tinworth, summed up my ideas as not doing more with less but about doing different forms of journalism. In this era of fewer resources for local journalism, we have to be strategic about what we do and what we stop doing. Harvard’s Nieman Lab summarises a new study from the Reporters’ Lab at Duke University as an issue of stopping feeding the goat. Newsroom leaders must make the brave decision to stop the endless stream of incremental stories and focus on stories that reveal meaning and context.

Journalism: Mining niches to support the mission

Jay Rosen ties together some of the trends happening right now in digital journalism, such as the launch of deep dive digital news sites. These sites are heading 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the generalist bundles like the newspaper and news channels. When people entirely new to it ask me what’s the best way to get going in… Read more →

Digital disruption: Bigger audiences but lower revenues

This is the paradox of journalism in the digital age: Journalism organisations reach more people than was ever possible in the analogue age, but those larger audiences have not translated into higher revenues. Some of this has been almost constant pressure of digital ad revenues since the beginning of the financial crisis, driven by an oversupply of ad space. Digital… Read more →

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