Blogging bilingually

I had long conversations with Steph whilst at BlogTalk about the implications of blogging bilingually. I have a Welsh language blog which I never update because I find it hard to get the enthusiasm together to go and open up Blogger. So, I’ve decided to experiment a bit and blog in both English and Welsh [on Chocolate and Vodka].

You won’t notice the Welsh posts on the main page (or the main RSS feed) because they’re all stuffed into a special category, Cymraeg, which has its own RSS feed.

I am not sure if this segregation is a good thing or not. The reason that I’ve done it is because the majority of my readers don’t speak Welsh, and I really don’t want to clutter up the blog or the feed with material that they can’t understand. On the other hand, I feel a bit bad marginalising Welsh. The alternative is for me to put everything in the feed and on the main page, either as full posts or using excerpts for the Welsh posts.

If you keep a bilingual blog, please let me know what you do and what you think as regards how I’ve got this set up. All comments and ideas welcome.

Previously posted on Chocolate and Vodka.