Mink Media launch new UK blogs

New blog publishers Mink Media have today launched the first of a new stable of blogs in the Weblogs Inc/Gawker Media vein, but with a British/European slant.

Honourable Fiend, written by Andrew Stevens, examines the UK political scene, taking a scalpel to Westminster and Parliament in the best tradition of the blogosphere. Sabrina Dent’s travel blog, Wanda Lust, looks not just at destinations we’d all love to visit, but also those places best steered well clear of.

Mink Media’s Azeem Azhar says, “The UK blogging scene hasn’t yet developed the credibility the US blogging scene has, but we think it’s starting to and that 2005 will be a good year.”

Blogs still to be launched by Mink Media include Sqreech, for London, vice, virtue, stuff to do and gossip; Gadgette, for stuff you might want to buy; and GrokSpin, to keep an eye on the media.

I shall be keeping a very close eye on Mink Media. I’ve had several conversations lately about the small pond state of the British blogosphere, and anything which threatens to splosh a bit more water into the system is not only welcome but must be watched closely for signs of minnows and frogspawn.

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