Ask Jeeves acquires Bloglines

Mark Fletcher, CEO of Bloglines, confirms that they have been bought by Ask Jeeves, in a deal both he and Ask Jeeve’s Jim Lanzone are very happy with. Mark says:

So what will change?

We’ll have a lot more resources available to us. For example, we’ll be integrating Ask’s killer Teoma search engine technology within Bloglines. This will vastly improve our blog search capabilities. We don’t think that world-class blog search exists yet; with Teoma and Bloglines that will happen.

Sounds good to me!

Bloglines used to be my aggregator of choice until I hit a usability limit caused by too many feeds, at which point I changed to NetNewsWire which works really well for me now. NetNewsWire and Bloglines are working in concert, however, so that I will soon be able to sync my posts between the online and offline readers. Which would, I have to admit, be rather cool.

So, yay for Bloglines!