Sometimes I get really fed up of blogging. Particularly metablogging, which can turn into either stupid puerile snarf-fests or teeth-grinding tedium. Lately, it’s been more metacrap than metablog in the metasphere, and I’m metafedupwithit.

I haven’t been reading, either. They say that when a blogger isn’t blogging it’s because s/he isn’t reading. Actually, they don’t, because blogging wasn’t invented when whoever said that first said it, but if it had been they would have said it, and they will would have been right. My aggregator is again clogged to the gills with unread posts – it topped out over 10,000 yesterday until I ruthlessly marked a whole bunch as read. Pff. Who cares?

It’s all part of the blogging life cycle or, more accurately, blogger mood swings: Enthusiasm. Over-enthusiasm. Habit. Tedium. Huffiness. Abandonment (temporarily or otherwise). Rekindlement. Lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseam.

Ok, I made the word ‘rekindlement’ up, but I rather like it and see no reason why it should not now pass into the English language.

The weird thing about writing a blog like this, for a publisher like Corante, is that one feels one really ought not fall prey to such mood swings. One feels that by writing under the banner of SEB (Someone Else’s Brand) one ought to somehow be exempt from the emotional cycles that affect personal blogging. Of course, that’s bullshit. The same way as the journalism/blogger discussion is bullshit. The same way that the neverlinktoAlisters meme is bullshit.

And you know, this urge to always make a point, instead of just express myself. That’s bullshit too. I am sure you are smart enough to figure out your own points, draw your own conclusions and if you’re looking to me for answers well, the news is that I ain’t got none.

Normal service will be resumed as and when I can be arsed.