Xtech 2006: Wrapup

Well, Xtech ended on Friday afternoon, and I’ve had the weekend to recover and to think about it all. Actually, I’ll need a lot longer than a weekend to process all the stuff that I took in, but it’ll be fun cogitating on everything I heard. I think Edd Dumbill and Matt Biddulph lined up some fantastic speakers, and having produced a conference myself in the past, I know just how much work it is.

The talks that stood out for me were:

– Matt Biddulph, talking about putting the BBC’s programme catalogue online.

Paul Hammond, on open data and why there isn’t more of it about.

Tom Coates, doing his web of data talk, which is always good.

Had some fun conversations too, with a whole host of people, including but not limited to: Teh Ryan King, Brian Suda, Thomas Vander Wal, Jeremy Keith, Simon Willison, Matt Patterson, Jeffrey McManus, and Jay Gooby. I’m sure I’ve missed someone off: sorry if that’s you!

The next Xtech will be in Paris in 2007. Can’t wait.

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