UK start-ups: They are out there

I’ve been having conversations lately with a few people about British start-ups. As Tom Coates noted, it is a conversation we’ve been having for quite a while now, but rather than pontificate, I thought I’d do another one of my list blog posts. Who are the British start-ups? And what do they do? I’ll be editing this post as I go along to reflect new info, but here’s my starter for ten:

“Ning is the fast and free way to create custom Social Websites!”

“word-of-mouth community where people can remember, share and discover great places”

“etribes is used by thousands of people like you who want a simple, secure personal website.”

“Web Widgets. Snipperoo is for collecting and using them without hacking code. Add widgets to your account and they appear on your site. It’s like magic! And it’s free.”

“Webjam is a flexible tool that allows you to manage multiple pages, on your own or with people you invite, with just one account.”

“Blog instantly by speaking your entry into your mobile phone. Simply call your Speak-a-Blog TM number and speak your post. SpinVox converts it to text and posts the entry live to your blog, within minutes.”
“The social music revolution.”

“The marketplace where people meet to lend and borrow money.”

“Email large files easily and securely”

I just know I’ve forgotten some, so tell me… where are the other UK tech start-ups? And which ones do you rate? Equally, I feel pretty confident of the provenance of these start-ups, although it’s not always clear, so please correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

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