Going to the Edinburgh TV Un-Festival?

Kevin and I are off up to Edinburgh tomorrow, for the TV Un-Festival – a fringe event to the Media Guardian International TV Festival. Ian Forrester has been putting a lot of hard work into getting the Un-Festival organised, no easy feat when so many other festivals and fringes are on at the same time!

So what’s an un-festival? Well, it’s like an un-conference, but more unlike a festival than it is unlike a conference. In other words, it’s a:

Day-long event which takes place on Saturday 25 August [and] will centre around the clash of the well established TV world and the constantly accelerating Internet world using the unusual un-conference format, where the cost of entry is participation.

A ton of interesting people and companies have signed up already, including the BBC, Google, BT Vision, Microsoft TV, P2P-Next, Joost, Trustedplaces.com, Mind Candy, MTV, Tapeitofftheinternet.com, Freenet, Blip.TV, Zattoo, and Licorice Film. In addition, there will be a number of darknet people coming, some of them with names you might know, like Ian Clarke, and others more secretive. Ooh, now that’s intriguing.

There are still places available so if you want to sign up, so do now! And if you’re coming, there’s a wiki for participants.