Web 2.0: Penny Edwards

Social software applied: in legal and professional services organisations
McKinsey survey showed how businesses are moving from experimentation to implementation.

Working with a law firm in NY, using a wiki. Worked with key user groups, implemented Newsgator and Confluence. Already had some systems in place, but no place for discussions. Trying to supplement existing systems with conversational systems.

Wanted to reduce number of emails – lots of blanket emails, newsletters, which weren’t targeted to individual groups. Questions repeated. People wanted to be more productive, wanted context. Wanted to find things quickly instead of wasting time searching or ending up reinventing the wheel.

Identified use cases. Knowledge sharing, co-working, internal comms. Place the system within user’s daily working life.

Look at how tools interact. Tools appear to the user as an integrated whole, so it’s seamless moving between one and another.

[Sorry, fingers tired and this is a hard talk to take notes of as it’s very visual. Officially giving up at this point. Probably will not blog everything today – there’s a lot of sessions left yet!]