links for 2009-07-04

  • Kevin: Dean Wright – Reuters Global Editor, Ethics, Innovation and News Standards – writes about how the news organisation navigated the story of the disputed Iranian elections after authorities shut them down. "(I)t fell to citizen journalists — many of whom were among the protesters — to provide the images that the world would see, using such social media as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube." Here is the summary:

    " The combination of citizen journalism, and the standards of news organizations of companies such as Reuters, has the ability to produce a richer flow of information around the world.

    Provided we clearly flag the origin of material and put the relevant context around it, our subscribers, our viewers and our readers –- who are already immersed in social networking as consumers and contributors themselves –- are smart enough to evaluate this content, without challenging our core journalistic values."

  • Kevin: It looks like a flip-chart diagram from an internal meeting. It looks at issues that prevent the BBC from sharing content with audiences, other companies, developers, start-ups and 'the UK media ecoystem'. As one of the person commenting on the picture, one missing element is rights. It's a huge issue, and it's impossible to discuss more open content without touching on a rights issue.
  • Kevin: Newspapers serving southern suburbs of Dallas Texas shuts. Jeff Jarvis says that it's a good opportunity for local bloggers.