links for 2009-08-19

  • Kevin: "National Public Radio (NPR) has just opened another means for developers to access content from a Transcript API. This API provides access to tens of thousands of transcripts from some of the most popular programs on NPR." Other radio orgs (hello BBC) should be looking at this. NPR is really moving forward with a lot of very interesting projects.
  • Kevin: Alan Mutter asks why newspapers didn't buy Everyblock, Adrian Holovaty's hyperlocal site (or micro-local as the site refers to itself). "The fact that the leading hyperlocal website was snatched up by a multimedia partnership operated by NBC and Microsoft shows a dismaying lack of imagination, foresight and, perhaps, economic resources on the part of the companies operating the nation’s struggling newspapers." And Alan continues, "With Microsoft, NBC and MSNBC feeding Everyblock resources and traffic, the site has the opportunity to take as big bite out of local news and advertising as Craig’s List took out of classified advertising."
  • Kevin: An interesting Q & A with Ewen MacAskill, the Guardian's Washington bureau chief about the Guardian's operations in the US.
  • Kevin: "Last Thursday, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals weighed in on what procedural safeguards are necessary to protect the rights of Internet users to engage in anonymous speech. In Solers, Inc. v. Doe, the D.C. high court set out a stringent standard for its lower courts to follow and emphasized that a plaintiff "must do more than simply plead his case" to unmask an anonymous speaker claimed to have violated the law."