Joining the Social Enterprise

Many thanks to Adam and James for inviting me to write here on The Social Enterprise. I hope to have a long and fruitful tenure!

I’ll be writing about all aspects of social technology in business, whether behind the firewall or out there in the world wild web. From tools and techniques to random thoughts and interviews with the people who make all this stuff happen, I’ll be spreading my net as widely as possible.

If you have questions to ask or issues you want me to delve into, please do leave a comment below. Equally, I’ll be on the look out for social media events around the UK and the world, so please be my ears and let me know when you hear of something relevant, especially if they are local barcamp style events that I might not otherwise hear about.

If you want to send me a tip, then you can leave a comment, email me or message me on Twitter where I am @suw. Please do say hello!

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