Bookmarking your Twitter links in Delicious

When it comes to sharing links, I will confess that I tend to do so on Twitter these days, rather than Delicious. But now lets me do both at once. By hooking up my Twitter account to my Delicious account, I can now send a link to Twitter and have it automatically saved to Delicious. Settings let me control which links are saved, so I can specify a hashtag which will tell which of my links to save. can also convert other hashtags to tags for the bookmark saved or exclude Tweets with specified hashtags. Further settings allow relatively fine-grained control of what gets saved and how.

I’ve long since felt that Delicious is being a bit left behind. Although it’s a really useful tool that I recommend to many of my clients, it lacks the vibrant ecosystem that, say, Twitter enjoys. I’m not going to say that the development of will single-handedly change all that, but it is nice to see someone thinking about how Delicious can be worked into their day-to-day social media life.

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