And they call this ‘knowledge’?

Some choice snippets from Wharton article Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed? which will allow you to decide if you really want to spend precious minutes of your life reading it, minutes that I have already sacrificed on your behalf:

online diaries

amateur content

It’s not clear how it will turn out

create buzz through blogs

written, not by trained journalists, but by regular citizens

to drive people to our sites

lots of drivel, some useful items and plenty of opinions

blogs are mostly associated with politics

readers will just flock to sites they agree with

a technology may be created to rate credible bloggers

blogger pecking order based on readers’ opinion

Are bloggers journalists?

usurped by a bunch of amateurs

chasing tips, rumors

Can blogging pay the bills?

charge for their output

blogging overexposure is on the horizon

You are going to see blogging move to video and instant messaging

OK, not all of it is utterly clueless, but it could easily have been a lot more informed. Easily. An awful lot more informed. Just doing some basic reading would have helped.

*mutters: I will resist the urge to fisk. I will resist the urge to fisk…*

3 thoughts on “And they call this ‘knowledge’?

  1. thanks for the feedback on the article, although i appreciate you stating it was not all utterly clueless šŸ™‚

  2. No, it wasn’t all clueless. I appreciate that it’s very difficult to give a good, accurate overview on what blogging is and how it might afffect people and business, but I think your article could have done with a bit more reading and research. It’s unfortunate that you managed to drag up so many old chestnuts, really, as they sort of obscured what good points you did make.

  3. I thought that it was one of the better “mainstream” pieces on blogging – without the doom & gloom that you often get.

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