Supernova: Business Blogging Workshop

Thanks to Robert Scoble, Charlene Li and Michael Sippey for making the Business Blogging Session go so smoothly.

For those who are interested, my terribly vanilla slides are available, as is the Dark Blogs Case Study (2.3 MB).

Michael Sippey’s slides are also up, and I believe Charlene Li’s stuff is going to be available on Forrester but the page currently returns a 404.

I’ll update with notes and stuff as and when I find them.

UPDATE: Charlene’s PowerPoint slides and report, Blogging – Bubble or Big Deal.

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One thought on “Supernova: Business Blogging Workshop

  1. Wow,

    This is great, thank you! Any info I can pass on to my prospects and clients about corp blogging, internal or external, goes a long way in helping us make our case.

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