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Online norms

It seems to be turning into Christian Crumlish Week here on The Social Enterprise, but the man’s on fire right now! If you’re not reading Mediajunkie, you really should. Christian has been blogging recently about the various essays written by guest contributors to the book he co-authored with Erin Malone, Designing Social Interfaces. The most recent guest essay is by… Read more →

FOR HIRE: I’m leaving the Guardian

FOR HIRE: That was the subject line of an email that I sent to Neil McIntosh, then of the Guardian, in the summer of 2006. I had met Neil at the Web+10 conference at the Poynter Institute in the US in 2005 before I came to London, and the email was a long shot. I wanted to stay in the UK… Read more →

links for 2010-02-25

The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change. – Pew Research Center Kevin: The Pew Research Center in the US did a study of the different generations and found: "Millennials' technological exceptionalism is chronicled throughout the survey. It's not just their gadgets — it's the way they've fused their social lives into them. For example, three-quarters of Millennials have created a… Read more →

Social network overload?

Are we getting swamped by social media? David Armano thinks so. I think that it’s a little bit more complicated than just trying to amp up the signal in the noise and has to do with a whole bunch of issues involved in, well, just being human: 1. We’re all interested in status Actually, we’re all obsessed with status whether… Read more →

links for 2010-02-24

ABC’s Job Cut of 300: Throwing in the Towel on the Old Business Model | Newsonomics Kevin: Ken Doctor writes about the expected cuts of about 300 jobs at ABCNews in the US. (Out of a current headcount of 1400.) "I’ve placed ABC among the Digital Dozen companies, those with more than 500 news staffers, those with the potential of… Read more →

The cost of inauthentic communities

Roger Martin has an excellent post on Harvard Business Review that looks back at how business executives used to be embedded in the community they served but are now disconnected from it, as are the businesses they work for. It is a must read. In the 60s, business were smaller, executives knew their customers and their staff. Shareholders were in… Read more →

links for 2010-02-23 A solo investment news site gets acquired, but its founder says the web’s no sure bet » Nieman Journalism Lab Kevin: A fascinating interview with Michelle Leder of, a financial news site that was recently acquired by Morningstar. Footnoted digs through securities filings to find nuggest of interesting information. She challenges a number of assertions made about the… Read more →

The truth does not lie midway between right and wrong

There’s a habit amongst journalists to act as if there’s a continuum between opposing viewpoints and that the truth must therefore lie somewhere roughly in the middle, especially on health, science and certain tech stories. We saw it before with the reporting on now disgraced ‘scientist’ Andrew Wakefield and his very well debunked claims that MMR causes autism. And we’ve… Read more →

Book: Building Social Web Applications, Gavin Bell

I’ve yet to see a copy of Building Social Web Applications , but Gavin Bell is a not only a friend but someone whom I respect and admire, so I’m already convinced it’s going to be a good read! The official blurb is: Building a social web application that attracts and retains regular visitors, and gets them to interact, isn’t… Read more →

Are we building better tomorrows?

Via Christian Crumlish, I discovered the excellent essay Are we building a better Internet? by Matte Scheinker. Matte’s essay looks at how seemingly small design decisions can have huge impacts on the way that the internet evolves. He says: The first design meme I encountered with true deleterious power was the opt-out check-box for marketing emails on sign-up forms. Our… Read more →

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