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How does the Digital Economy Act affect your business?

As a social media consultant and an occasional digital rights activist, I paid a lot of attention to the Digital Economy Bill as it was frogmarched through Parliament. Like many, I was disgusted by the ill-informed nature of the debate about key problems with the bill and frustrated at how the politicians seemed to have been entirely captured by the… Read more →

ATA: What makes a good case study?

Every now and again I find myself searching for social media case studies, and whenever this happens it’s always a monumental pain in the proverbials. People aren’t great at interpreting a case study from outside of their own context, so I like to find something that they can immediately relate to. But it can be really hard to find something… Read more →

How important is Twitter to your blog’s traffic stats?

Last Friday I wrote a blog post on my own blog about The Impenetrable Layer of Suck and did what I usually do with blog posts these days: I Tweeted it. I saw a few people reTweet it, so thought I’d check my stats. This is what I saw: I’ve heard many a time from friends at Guardian Technology, who… Read more →

ATA: What’s a good framework for innovation?

I was thinking this morning about innovation and why there’s so little of it about. I am most familiar with the need for and lack of innovation in the media industry, but the lessons from media are applicable in any sector. Here are a few I’ve spotted: Innovation can come from anywhere. Anyone facing a business problem can be a… Read more →

ATA: Who are your favourite social media bloggers?

So I reckon it’s time for a bit of audience participation here on The Social Enterprise, so I’ve decided to create a new “Ask The Audience” category. I shall, unsurprisingly enough, periodically and at random ask you a question about your thoughts on social media. Simples! Today’s question: Who are your favourite social media bloggers? Who are the trusted old… Read more →

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