Second Life

X|Media|Lab Melbourne: Jason Romney, Telstra-Big Pond

Telstra-Big Pond has 12 islands in Second Life. And he touched on some of the challenges of a major company operating in SL. People had protested against the telco’s presence, but he accepted that this was a risk of doing business in Second Life. One of the most interesting parts of his talk was how the second largest bank in… Read more →

X|Media|Lab Melbourne: Keren Flavell, SLCN.TV

The main theme of X|Media|Lab was virtual worlds, and one of the most well known is Second Life. Keren Flavell is with SLCN – the Second Life Cable Network, which broadcasts programmes from Second Life or events in SL. She is a strong believer in SL and talked about the empathy that people feel as an avatar. SLCN broadcast a… Read more →

Our second podcast pt 2: IBC, Hammond and This American Life

Ok, it’s taken me a little longer than I had hoped to post up the second half of the podcast that Suw and I did last Sunday night. powered by ODEO Again, if you want to download the podcast directly, you can click here. (29:32 14.2 MB) I’ll add some more detailed show notes, but Suw starts off talking about… Read more →

Our second podcast pt 1: A conference roundup

We recorded this on Sunday night, but I’ve really struggled with Odeo’s upload tool. In the end, I gave up, uploaded to the Internet Archive and just linked to it via Odeo. (Note: It does take a second or two to load into the Odeo player) The Creative Commons publisher worked a treat, and I’m happy that we’re using CC… Read more →

EuroOSCON: Jim Purbrick – Second Life (again)

Jim actually gave two presentations, and this was the first one, which I probably should have blogged before I blogged the second one, but meh, it’s all too late now. 130 million gmae players in the US alone 20 million MMO players Age of gamer increasing by one year per year, i.e. people start playing games as children and don’t… Read more →

EuroOSCON: Jim Purbrick – Second Life

User Creation. Very big thing. User creation tends to be quite low: Less than 10% of people that read the web create content for it. As difficulty of user creation goes up, so participation goes down. More people in Second Life contribute than any other platform, but small numbers in absolute terms. Users growing 10% per month, and level of… Read more →

Second Life (FOO and beyond)

I saw Second Life being demoed at Supernova last year, although I stood and watched a bunch of avatars dancing to Chumbawumba, I didn’t immediately pay much attention. Oh yes, that’s me, on the cutting edge right there… no, back a bit… I have this really annoying practical streak. Whenever I see something new, I think to myself, “Yes, but… Read more →

d.Construct – Jeff Barr

I’m at the d.Construct conference today, here to catch up with friends, really, and see what geekery is occurring. No power strips in the auditorium, and the jetlag is making me feel very groggy, so blogging will be light to non-existant, frankly. In fact, this might be the only session I blog, but I do so out of a feeling… Read more →

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