Audioblog release new features have recently added a few new small, but useful, features to their service including the ability to download the source MP3s.

Audioblog allows subscribers to record audio files via either a browser-based Flash recorder or their phone (in the US). You can also create your own MP3 or WAV files and upload those directly. These files are then hosted on Audioblog and published to the user’s blog via a customisable player.

Until now, the source audio files were locked up in Audioblog’s system, but they have not only made them available to users, but have also given users the option to make them available for download by their listeners.

This means that users can make the most of Movable Type’s enclosures to send the audio file URIs by RSS, thus creating their own podcasts.

Eric Rice, founder of Audioblog, audioblogs more on the new features and podcasting techniques.