Tom Reynolds on BBC Radio Scotland

My good friend Tom, who keeps a blog called Random Acts of Reality about his work as an EMT, recently took part in a BBC radio discussion about bloggers who write about their jobs. You can listen to it in the BBC Radio Scotland archives – but click this link before Monday when the archive refreshes.

Four people took part in the discussion, including one employer who was rabidly anti-blog, and who started off by accusing Tom of racism. I suspect he’d taken a brief look at Tom’s blog, and misinterpreted a discussion about which languages might be useful for Tom to learn, (he works in a borough of London where there are a lot of non-English speaking immigrants) and immediately spotted an opportunity to attempt to bring Tom into disrepute. Not an intelligent tactic, considering that he was doing on the radio precisely what he was accusing bloggers of doing online – speaking without due thought and consideration.

Hmm, paranoid employer, demonised blogger… I see a theme emerging.