Business Blogging at Supernova 2005

This year’s Supernova conference – San Francisco, 20 to 22 June – looks like it’s going to be a blast. Kevin, Jeanne and the team have put together a great line up including Esther Dyson, Dan Gillmor, and David Weinberger. Finally, I get to be at the same conference as David! I feel like I’ve been cyberstalking him through conference back channels for the last year without really ever having anything intelligent to say, so I’m looking forward to finally meeting him. Although I still won’t have anything intelligent to say.

I’m going to be moderating the Business Blogging Workshop, with Robert Scoble (Microsoft), Charlene Li (Forrester) and Michael Sippey from Six Apart. That’s on Monday 20 June, 2.30 – 4.00 pm, if you’re interested in coming along.

I am hoping to be in SF for the week before the conference, so if you want to meet up for a pint, or edamame, somewhere, let me know.