Reining in the demon note taker

It’s all about flow. I think that’s what it is. The reason that I frequently take such ‘insanely intense and accurate notes’, as Tom put it, is because when I am just listening to something I don’t really hear it, but when I am transcribing it I listen at a whole new level. The conversion of sound to words makes me hyperfocus and I slip into this delightful state of flow where my fingers are moving as fast as they can over the keys and I’m entirely embedded in the transcription process rather than being a mere observer of the session.

At Supernova, though, I am not going to be able to do this other than very occasionally. Partly because it’s a three day conference and my fingers would wear out, but partly because I’m going to be hanging about in the back channels, in preparation for the closing round table of the conference on Wednesday in which I am participating.

This is probably a Good Thing. Firstly, it saves you from long and tedious verbatim blog posts, and secondly it means I’ll actually be sociable, instead consumed by my demon note taking obsessive-compulsive alter-ego.

Anyway, if you spot me, please come over and say ‘Hi!’.

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