Supernova: Mike Homer, Open Media Network and Marc Canter,

Mike Homer, Open Media Network

Reinvent public broadcasting

Landscape for rich media delivery:

– Consumer broadband take-up

– mass market video creation stools

– bitTorrent adoption

– Weblogs

– RSS feeds

– RSS feeds move to porcasting and video blogs

The Open Media Network

– a free public service for the mass publishing and viewing of legal content on the internet – a true public broadcasting system for the internet – basied on kontiki’s grid delivery technology

– components of the strategy – grow as fast as possible -s tart with free content – provide only legal content – authorise dby copyright owner – accelrate content collection – mass publishing innovations – accelerate audience growth – mass viewing innovations – harmess the community for organising, ratings and rankings.

Benefits of open media network:

For consumers – broad selection of content, easy to find, tv style program guide, secure virus free background, kontiki grid, better than bittorrent and secure, personalisation, season tickets, tags, synch ipod, windows media, tivo

For producers – free directory listing, automated publishing with RSS feedreader, free delivery, unlimited volume, broad audience – PC, TV – ipod, prominent branding, links back, secure nanopublisher with payments

Tivo implementation of the open media network.

KQED has an affiliate programme

Firefox and Mac version in beta in a couple of months.

A handful of key features that are important for professional publishers and display on a tivo in the course of the next three months.

Marc Canter,


internet archives

creative comments

broadband mechanics



commitments to join registry:

– open media network

– odeo

– buzznet

– brightcove

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