Enterprise 2.0: The proof of the pudding is in the meetings

Enterprise 2.0 is over for me. The conference continues, but I have to leave tomorrow morning to fly to San Francisco ready for Supernova on Thursday and Friday. It’s been a flying visit to Boston, but well worth it.

After lunch today was Stowe’s session, and then my talk and the accompanying panel, with Anil Dash, Oliver Young and Sam Weber. I will admit I really struggled – forming coherent sentences was incredibly difficult, and I’m not sure I really did my best. But the discussion went really well, with some great input from the audience and some very good questions, so i really enjoyed it.

Once our session was over, there was a very long – three hour – period for eating nibbles and drinking free wine and talking to people in the vendor demo room. I’m slightly perplexed as to why they crammed so much in during the morning, with really short breaks, and then did a three hour cocktail in the afternoon.

But the best bit of conferences is the bits in between the sessions, and I did have some very interesting conversations, and gathered a number of business cards. I’m trying much harder this time round to make notes on the cards I get so that I can remember who’s who. I speak to a lot of people, and I enjoy hearing what people have to say and learning about what they’re doing, but it’s very easy, a couple of weeks later, to totally forget what you said to whom!

Despite the crap vendor pitches and the hideously bad jetlag, I’ve enjoyed today. Next year, I hope the organisers ditch the pimping, draft a schedule that doesn’t start so early, and invite me back!