CWSE Roundup – 8 Jan 10

Things got a bit mental before Christmas, as they are wont to do, so I didn’t have the time to do my planned weekly round up of posts over on The Social Enterprise. I blogged throughout the Christmas period – magickally, it would seem, given I was in Lanzarote for a week! So here’s a belated overview of what I’ve been banging on about since, er, 27th November:

The decline of empire
When provided a choice, do people choose?
ATA: Who are your favourite social media bloggers?
The other Two Cultures
Why does a blog look like a blog?

Notes of caution and notes of hope
Google’s real-time search ups the misTweet ante
Incentives in social media
danah boyd and digital anthropology

Metrics, Part 1: The webstats legacy
Instapaper: Managing your ‘To Read’ list
Saatchi and Saatchi get it horribly wrong for Toyota
Metrics, Part 2: Are we measuring the right things?
Let’s just not build teams

Metrics, Part 3: What are your success criteria?
The power of ecosystems
Developing etiquette
Metrics, Part 4: Subjective measurements
How fanboys see operating systems

Newsflash! RSS still not dead: Story at 11.
What makes a website successful?
Why we should care about information overload
Social semantics
The importance of voice

Twitter announces bylines
ATA: What’s a good framework for innovation?
The cost of IT failure
Avatars, faces and the socialisation of enterprise software
How to ruin your community

Which both explains why I’ve been a little bit quiet here and gives you something that hopefully makes up for that quiet.