BBC Backstage five year retrospective

The BBC’s developer community, Backstage, is swiftly approaching five years old and I have been asked by Ian Forrester if I would put together a retrospective. We are, of course, going to do some mash-ups, but we’re not just interested in collecting data, we want people to share with us their stories and memories too.

I’ve got two proto-mash-ups in progress that I’d love anyone who took part in Backstage, even if only briefly, to consider contributing to. The first is image-based: We are looking for your favourite photos and images of Backstage and the stories behind them. The images might be a photo from a Backstage event that you really enjoyed, or a screenshot of a prototype you developed or a visualisation of BBC data that you put together. We don’t mind what type of image it is, just so long as it’s online and you can tell us a bit about it.

Our second project is map-based: We’d like you to tell us what your favourite experiences of Backstage were. Perhaps a prototype you put together, an event you went to, or something else completely. We’d also like to know where you are based (at whatever level of detail you feel comfortable) so that we can see how far Backstage reached.

Both mash-ups are based on Google Docs so the two forms are embedded below. In both cases, if you add info to the spreadsheets we take that to mean that you’re happy for us to reuse your contribution.

Right, here are the forms!

Or go here for the Images mash-up form!

Or go here for the Mapping Backstage form!