Sunnyvale, we have a problem

Like all bloggers, I’m becoming a bit of a stats junkie, and I love the simple easy to understand information provided by StatCounter. It is so much more intuitive than so-called professional systems that I struggle with at the day job. Looking through recent keyword activity, I found this: I dont want to continue using yahoo id anymore?

It’s one of several anti-Yahoo searches I’ve seen pop up in our stats recently. Sunnyvale, you’ve got a problem. Better roll out the Yahoo damage control brigade fast. You’re alienating your users.

FOWA: That’s all the notes published!

OK, so that’s the lot! All my FOWA notes are now up. I’ll do a round-up tomorrow and actually talk about how I thought the conference went, but meantime I hope you find my notes useful. Please remember, though, that these notes were taken live and I can’t vouch for their accuracy, both because I am fallible and because I am only reporting what speakers said and not fact-checking them.

More notes from FOWA to come

I’ve a lot of notes from yesterday still to blog, and will obviously generate yet more today, but with the wifi at the conference as good as dead, I may not get them up in real time. Sorry. We have to lay the blame for the bad wifi not at FOWA’s feet, though, as I know that they paid good money to have the same excellent level of connectivity as last year, but it seems that BT whichever provider it was, which may or may not be BT, although I was under the impression it was, has let them down.

A little bit whoooa, a little bit wheeea

Despite the guys at Corante making some good advances in fixing our blog, we’re still having a few uncooperative moments from the MT installation. Sometimes Strange is here, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you can comment, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes we can get in to the admin pages, sometimes we can’t. At least now I don’t have to connect via my mobile phone to access the admin pages! All I can say is please bear with us and with Corante. They’re working as hard as they can to fix things!

Why it’s been quiet

No, Suw and I have not been lazy bloggers, as a matter of fact, we’ve been itching to blog. A lot of you have mentioned to us in e-mails how slow Strange has been and time outs you’ve had when trying to post comments. Corante has been getting pummeled with spam (still is), and Movable Type doesn’t really handle spam or lots of comments very well. Lots of MT sites are struggling with this issue. The Corante tech team has been working hard to sort this out. An MT upgrade ‘borked the server’ and we’ve been down. But we’re back.