Blogging the Monaco Media Forum

How did a scruffy blogger like me get an invite to the Monaco Media Forum, akin to Davos for the media? No clue, but I’m here. I had intended to do the full live-blogging here while doing highlights and video on the Guardian’s Organ Grinder blog, but they don’t have WiFi in the main hall. I’ll do a couple of meaty posts here later. The Guardian post is here. Interview with Jason Krikorian of Slingmedia here. Interview with Loic Le Meur on blogs and being a global citizen here.

Parliament and the Internet

I was at a conference today at Portcullis House, APIG‘s Parliament and the Internet Conference which was examining a whole range of internet-related issues, which I wrote up over on the Open Rights Group blog. Here are links to the four sessions I blogged:

ISPs in the content driven era
Plenary discussion round up: internet governance, e-crime, ISPs
Jon Gisby, Yahoo!: were are people going online and what does it mean?
William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute: what are people doing online?

Interesting day.

Blogging IBC in Amsterdam

I’m in Amstedam at the massive IBC broadcast conference to give a talk about blogging and breaking news. While I’m waiting to give my talk, I’m of course blogging about the conference over at 5Live’s Pods and Blogs blog. I’ve found a WiFi video phone that I want for Christmas, and I’m on the hunt for the Swiss Army knife of moblogging gear. When I get back to London, I’ve got a few posts to write here on Strange Attractor including: TV as a social media? Discuss.

Kitties in trees

I’ve just read through all of Merlin Mann’s brilliant Inbox Zero series, and have taken the step of moving all 3333 conversations out of my inbox into a ‘pending’ folder. I now have no email in my inbox. I can’t begin to tell you how weird that feels. However, I’m hoping it will help in the fight for freedom from email.

Email is broken. But I’m not gonna let it break me.

Technorati blogtags

Technorati have launched a service so that you can search for blogs on a specific topic using blog-level tags (initially scraped from your categories). I’ve been wanting this for ages, so that I can at last go and find ‘blogs about copyright‘ rather than ‘posts about copyright‘ or ‘posts that happen to mention the word copyright, probably at the bottom of the page instead of using a ©‘.

Go, claim your blog and add in your blogtags.