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Oh dear. Creative Commons shack up with BzzAgents

According to the Creative Commons blog, CC have now entered into a pro bono arrangement with ‘word of mouth’ promoters BzzAgents so that the latter can promote the former: Creative Commons is fortunate to have a partnership with BzzNet Inc., a word-of-mouth marketing firm based in Boston. Today, BzzNet launched a grass roots marketing campaign to promote Creative Commons. What… Read more →

In case you’re wondering…

Just in case you were wondering why I’ve written so little here over the last month, it’s because I’m up to my eyeballs in deadlines. One rather unexpected event was that I got myself a literary agent, so suddenly had to put together a book proposal. More news on that as I get it. I’m also working on some stuff… Read more →

Blogs on the cover of Business Week

Business Week give their readers a heads-up on blogging, going so far as even to write the piece in the style of a blog. Maybe it’s me, but I didn’t even notice it was ‘in the style of a blog’ until they said so, which should tell you something about my reading habits. I’m sure it’ll get thoroughly fisked at… Read more →

The RIAA – truly doolally

Bram Janssen has an interesting post discussing why he thinks that the RIAA and other monopolies suffer a sort of corporate insanity. Here’s is the Wikipedia definition of insanity: Insanity (sometimes, madness) is the condition of being in some way mentally “out of touch” with the real world or with “normal” human functioning, often assumed to be a result of… Read more →

The BBC at the LSE

Up in London again today, this time to see Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC at the London School of Economics. Should be an interesting evening. Will attempt, if not actual live blogging as I’m not sure what the wifi situation is in the Hong Kong Theatre, then at least some rabid note taking. Give Thompson a taste of… Read more → introduce fees have introduced fees for the use of their service: Everyone asks “How does pay its bills?” That question is even more important as we plan new ways for you to grow your group and have better Meetups. To get there together, we are introducing a required small monthly Group Fee to be paid by Organizers. Do all members… Read more →

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