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Fruitful Seminars: Making Social Tools Ubiquitous

Lloyd Davis, Leisa Reichelt and I have been spending a lot of time plotting just lately, and the result of our machinations was the creation, at midnight in a semi-derelict Gothic mansion and with the help of a bolt of lightening, of Fruitful Seminars. The three of us will be putting on a number of day-long seminars on various Web… Read more →

links for 2008-05-24

Drupal Rocks Newspaper and Journalism Websites on Vimeo Kevin: From Martin Stabe: This slideshow showcases dozens of newspaper and journalism websites that use Drupal, the open source social publishing software. (tags: drupal news sites)

The New New Journalism

Last night, Kevin and I went to the POLIS/LSE Media Group event, The New New Journalism, a panel discussion with Charlie Beckett, Founding Director of POLIS; Tessa Mayes, campaigning investigative journalist; Bill Thompson, journalist, commentator and technology critic; and Julia Whitney, Head of Designs & User Experience at the BBC. Nico Macdonald chaired. I’m always wary of anything around the… Read more →

Great Journalism: Nina’s to blame for the global credit crisis

I meant to post this yesterday after listening to This American Life’s episode dissecting the global credit crisis: The Giant Pool of Money, and now with Jeff Jarvis’ praise, I know I’m not the only one who thinks that this was a stellar example of good journalism. Last week in Princeton, we talked about what makes good journalism, what is… Read more →

links for 2008-05-22

YouTomb Keeps an Eye on YouTube’s Graveyard | The Underwire from Kevin: Where do videos go when they die or are booted off YouTube for copyright infringement? Meet YouTomb. Created by a group of MIT students (tags: MIT copyright youtube) Anatomy Of A Failure: Lessons Learned Kevin: Innovators and entrepreneurs fail forward, and the founder of Meetro, a location-aware… Read more →

links for 2008-05-21

Power-Tweeting: 101 Everyday Uses for Twitter – Inside CRM Kevin: Examples of how the popular service’s community puts it to use. It’s an interesting/humourous list of Twitter messages. (tags: Twitter howto) The Military Catches Up to Al Qaeda in New Media Kevin: The US military appears to be opening up to blogging after trying to restrict US service members’ blogging… Read more →

Going Solo: Suw Charman – When Passion Becomes Profession

My talk was about how to find a balance between your work and the rest of your life when you’re a freelance, something that’s especially hard when you’re passionate about your work: Suw Charman : When Passion Becomes Profession Uploaded by GoingSolo Notes from Urs, and Jaap’s notes start at 8:51 in the CoverItLive box. I’d never given this talk… Read more →

Going Solo: Round-up

Friday was a brilliant day – as one of Steph’s advisors, I’ve seen just how much hard work she put into organising Going Solo, and I have to say that it was all well worth it! I had a fun day, met some really cool and interesting people and, even though I’ve been a freelance for ten years, I still… Read more →

Going Solo: Stowe Boyd – From The Far Side To The Dark Side: A Crash Course In Business Realities For Soloists

Made a fast transition from thinking “Oh, I’d like to go freelance” to finding a niche to work in. That’s not easy or simple. Being a soloist is not for everyone. The undertone of a lot of my presentation here is that you may not actually be suited, intellectually, emotionally or in skillset to be a soloist. In which case,… Read more →

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