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links for 2010-01-30

A tale of two newsrooms : Local News :: Las Vegas CityLife Kevin: A detailed look at failures at the Las Vegas Sun. The economic melt down in Las Vegas had a role in dooming the project, but also, this article is a good look at some of the cultural issues that played a part in driving a wedge between… Read more →

Are you T-shaped?

I recently discovered Keith Sawyer’s blog, Creativity & Innovation. Keith is a professor of psychology, an expert on creativity and well worth a read. In his post about cross understanding in teams he discusses the observation that teams including people with the ability to understand another’s perspective do better than teams that don’t: […] cross understanding can help us to… Read more →

links for 2010-01-29

Is the iPad a Game Changer for the News Industry? « RJI Kevin: Michael Skoler writes at the Reynolds Journalism Institute blog about the iPad. "To be a game changer for news, the iPad would have to do one of two things. It would have to convince people who don’t now consume news to start consuming it. Or it would… Read more →

The iPad – a social computer?

I’ve been ignoring all the build-up to this year’s Apple produce announcement, mainly because I just didn’t want to get my hopes up. But it turns out that I’m actually quite excited about the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer. I had a very spirited discussion with my husband on the train last night as we were catching up on the announcements… Read more →

Embrace your daydreams

Psychology Today has an article by Amy Fries on how daydreamers are also more intelligent: Researchers using brain scanning technology found that the “default network,” the relatively new buzzword for the daydreaming state, was significantly more active in the “superior intelligence group” than the “average intelligence group.” According to the study, this suggests that the stronger connections displayed in the… Read more →

links for 2010-01-26

My Suggestions for Making Google's Services More Relevant for Non-Elite Chinese Users (involves some ethnography!) Kevin: Tricia Wang writes about the standoff between Google and China and also competition between Google and Chinese search king Baidu. Wang studies tech "usage in low-income communities" and currently "conductin ethnographic work with urban migrants in China". This post is a fascinating, in depth… Read more →

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