Warner Bros sponsor podcaster

Podcaster Eric Rice has managed to wangle some sponsorship from Warner Brothers for his podcast The Eric Rice Show. The deal includes exclusive interviews, banter and impromptu jams from The Used, a band on Warner Brothers’ Reprise label. Question is, is he just a jammy git or is this the way forward?

Streaming mp3s

Thanks to Jascha, I can now give you the LSE debate as a stream, rather than just a download. It’s amazingly easy to achieve this: 1. Copy the full URI to the mp3 file, e.g. (ensure there are no spaces in the URI as that seems to stuff things up) 2. Paste the URI into a text document 3…. Read more →

Audioblog release new features have recently added a few new small, but useful, features to their service including the ability to download the source MP3s. Audioblog allows subscribers to record audio files via either a browser-based Flash recorder or their phone (in the US). You can also create your own MP3 or WAV files and upload those directly. These files are then hosted… Read more →

Audioblogging experiment

I’ve started a little audioblogging experiment over on Chocolate and Vodka wherein I forsake the written word in favour of recording audio posts. I’m using as my tool of choice and I am hoping to do nothing but blog verbally for the next week or so, although posting may be interrupted by a trip up to London. My main… Read more →

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