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Journal-Register’s Brady talks mobile and advertising for local news business

In Journal-Register’s Brady: Local Advertisers Have a Tech Gap | Street Fight., Jim Brady recently has moved to the Journal Register Company, a local newspaper group in the US which is moving aggressively to remake its business. Brady gives a lot of great ideas on the future of local journalism. He talks about mobile and how location can be used… Read more →


I just joined GeekSpeakr, a “simple directory and connections system to help technical women speakers and event organisers to find each other.” If you’re a woman and a speaker, then this could be a really useful place to have a profile.

Going Solo Leeds announced

I shall be reprising my talk on how to draw a healthy line between work and play at Steph Booth‘s Going Solo conference in Leeds on 12 September. Registration is now open, but don’t delay – the first 25 tickets will be going at the early bird rate of £150, and some have already gone. Once they run out, the… Read more →

Please bear with us

We’ve had intermittent problems with Movable Type here at Strange Attractor for months now. Every time we think it has been fixed, something else goes awry. Right now, we’re battling with a problem with rebuilds which means that every time we post an entry, or someone posts a comment, the site fails to rebuild properly and spits out naught but… Read more →

Radio Lab Master Class

Kevin Marks turned Suw and me onto the excellent WNYC programme/podcast Radio Lab. The programme deals with scientific, bordering on, philosophical issues such as Time, Morality or the biggest of big questions: Who am I? Or more precisely asking, “How does the brain make me?” In this episode, actually an extra while they work on season 4, they talk about… Read more →

Knight News Challenge

Monday is the closing date for the The Knight News Challenge, wherein the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation gives away $5 million to anyone with an innovative idea to change journalism. Lots of info on their site, but if you haven’t already started on your idea, you’d better get a move on!

Technical difficulties

You may noticed that there are a few error messages showing up when you go to individual post pages. The lovely people at Corante are aware of this and are trying to fix it. We apologise for the frankly fugly browsing experience that you are suffering in the meantime.

Community doesn’t come for free

I expanded on comments I made at the recent Guardian Changing Media conference about community and news in a column for the Press Gazette. I go over some common mistakes that news organisations make when crafting and executing a communities strategy, and I highlight some success stories. Just to highlight the main points: Your audience isn’t a community. This isn’t… Read more →

Guardian Changing Media conference

Suw and I are speaking at the Guardian Changing Media conference today. I’m on a panel with Google, Bebo and a production company talking about Care in the Community. Suw is speaking later this afternoon on What is the business model for ‘free content’. Suw and I are very much looking forward to scaring a few dinosaurs today, and when… Read more →

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