True Voice: 20 Questions

As part of the True Voice seminar series Stowe, Greg and I have posed 20 questions that we would like anyone interested in blogging to chew over and answer. So far we have had some great responses from people such as Robert Scoble and Marc Canter, but we are eager for more!

So, what are we asking? Here’s a sample:

4. Blogging has been characterized as a ‘social medium’: what makes blogging social?
9. How can businesses and employees who blog unofficially learn to peacefully co-exist?
12. In what ways do we need to support staff bloggers in order to ensure that they can blog effectively?
16. What are the basic technical concepts necessary to understand about how blogs work?

If our 20 questions whet your appetite, then reserve your place at the first True Voice seminar, in New York on 26 Jan 05.