How we work

Great blog from Rod McLaren who looks at, amongst other thing, how we work. McLaren has gathered together a veritable feast of archive commentary about how creative people work, including this fascinating interview with film critic Anthony Lane:

“People think that you have these things called ideas and that writing is a matter of imposing them on the subject material, whereas it’s only in the writing that I discover what it is that I think.”

This is me precisely, and this is why I blog – it’s in blogging that I realise what it is that I think about the things I am blogging about. Indeed, I do the same thing when I’m talking. Thoughts don’t spring forth fully formed in my head, they sort of ooze out of my mouth, shaped by the words I used to express them, frequently mutating along the way. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one whose brain works like that.

(Via A Gentleman’s Commonplace.)

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