Supernova: Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems

[Again with the patchy notes, sorry. Too many channels to monitor.]

Collaborative content.

The next step is that you don’t pay for services/content.

The step after that is that they pay you.

We’re not leaving behind old models, just adding new ones.

Driven by customers, not producers.

Everyone has an email, everyone is on the network, so it won’t be long before every leader has a blog.

Authenticity is absolutely paramount. Hiring people to write your blog is like hiring someone to write your email.

Traditional way of communicating with employees is to pass the message down, but it’s like Chinese whispers. So need a more reliable way to talk to employees.

Wants to only talk through the blog, and doesn’t want to deal with conditional access through the firewall, so wants to externalise internal communications, and dissolve the intranet and extranet. Legally some things can’t be discussed, but if someone sends out an email, you can bet someone will send it out of the company.

Some aspects of corp. strategy are sensitive, but the distinction over time between intranet and extranet is a joke, it’s all the same over time.

Future issue is authentication, and laptops will be authenticated like email can be. But that should be a choice of the individual.

Evolution of the network into a vast, participating network is big news.

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