Saving local journalism with vision

Tom Grubisich of hyperlocal news analysis site, Street Fight Mag, says that to save local journalism, we need not only revenue but also vision. Grubisich lays out one vision. The one challenge with these grand visions for local media is that editorially they stil need to be relevant in the communities that they serve.

Journalism transformation: Break down silos and innovate strategically

News organisations are still facing a lot of challenges. You only have to look at continued cost cutting at large groups including Tribune Group and Gannett as well as the failure to launch of Reuters Next to see that we’re still in a period of significant disruption. However, we are also learning how to be more nimble and experiment more successfully, and Joy Mayer and LSE’s Charlie Beckett’s have some good suggestions on how to get better faster.

Journalism innovation: Asteroids and adaptation

Newspapers and print media saw the ‘asteroid’ coming, as Neil Thackray of Briefing Media put it, but like so many other industries facing disruption, they failed to adapt. In this piece that originally appeared on The Media Briefing, I look at ways that news organisation can increase experimentation and therefore increase their ability to adapt to the rapid changes that digital is bringing to their industry.

Advice to a younger self

The Media Briefing is using LinkedIn very effectively, and on one of their discussions, they have the following question: Q: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a fresh-faced young entrant to the media industry what advice would you give? I thought about this for a while, and to be honest, some of this advice… Read more →

The Guardian: Burning platform is burning

After The Guardian and The Observer announced its ‘digital-first’ strategy the other week, which I, like Kevin, see as a burning platform admission, Alan Rusbridger went on Radio 4’s Media Show (MP3) to talk about the situation. Listening to the interview with half an ear open, one would hear a very calm, measured response from Rusbridger that would seem to… Read more →

Cultural inertia is the biggest problem for tech adoption

Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, told the Better World conference at the end of April that the main barrier to technical change is cultural inertia: Don’t gauge the rate at which you will be an instant success by how quickly you can develop the technology,” he told would-be entrepreneurs. “I would gauge how long it takes the collective culture–any… Read more →

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