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Local journalism: Business models that don’t rely on scale

Local print journalism is challenge right now for fairly obvious reasons. Print is declining, and while digital audiences are rising for many local outlets, a local audience does not reach the scale of the internet giants or digital news start-ups. We have to develop business models that don’t rely on scale.

Newspapers: Community, priorities and platforms

Reminding me of the brilliant conversations that we had in the early days of journalism blogging, I’ve recently been discussing how newspapers expand what they cover in their communities and how they set priorities. The issue of priorities came out loud of clear from working journalists who feel stretched thin. To do more with less, I think, quite passionately so, that we can forge a new partnership with our communities.

Newspapers, changing paradigms and defining priorities

Newspapers, changing paradigms and defining priorities

John Robinson, a former editor in the US, has challenged newspaper to break out of their paradigms and choose a niche. His call to action in many ways reminds me of 2007 report called the Frontiers of Innovation that challenged newspapers to do a better job of “translating the lived experience of their community”. The challenge in 2013 is a lot harder for most community newspapers. How do they broaden their agendas when their staff has shrunk? It is going to take newsroom leaders who can set out a strategic vision and prioritise their remaining resources. We can’t be everything to everyone anymore so it is better to be something to some.

Journalism transformation: Break down silos and innovate strategically

News organisations are still facing a lot of challenges. You only have to look at continued cost cutting at large groups including Tribune Group and Gannett as well as the failure to launch of Reuters Next to see that we’re still in a period of significant disruption. However, we are also learning how to be more nimble and experiment more successfully, and Joy Mayer and LSE’s Charlie Beckett’s have some good suggestions on how to get better faster.

NPR head of apps: Mobile media doesn’t mean on the move anymore

A number of forward-looking editors and media managers are advocating a mobile first mindset as the mobile revolution becomes a reality. In a great overview of a recent Hacks/Hackers talk in Buenos Aires, US National Public Radio’s news app editor Brian Boyer explains why mobile doesn’t mean on the move anymore and why we should be creating content for audiences’ “cracks in the day”.

Journalism innovation: Asteroids and adaptation

Newspapers and print media saw the ‘asteroid’ coming, as Neil Thackray of Briefing Media put it, but like so many other industries facing disruption, they failed to adapt. In this piece that originally appeared on The Media Briefing, I look at ways that news organisation can increase experimentation and therefore increase their ability to adapt to the rapid changes that digital is bringing to their industry.

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