Building News Apps on a Shoestring – Learning – Source: An OpenNews project

You don’t need a big a budget or a big staff to build news applications, and in this great post from non-profit news organisation, MinnPost, Alan Palazzolo writes about some of the ways that they keep it simple but deliver great impact.

Most media companies, when they’re trying ot decide about the quality of their content, they hire an editor they really trust to make a judgment. Here, it’s like, ‘Let’s build a tool.’ It just shows our very different mindset of building a virality machine here.

Peter Koechley, quoted by Jeff Bercovici in Forbes


Everything you need to know about the internet | Technology | The Observer

Kevin: John Naughton has an excellent meditation about the internet and the pervasive search for easy answers. We're living through a revolution. Get used to it. As he writes, disruption is a feature not a bug. "By implementing these twin pro…

New Statesman – Welcome to the fifth estate

Kevin: Laurie Penny writes in the New Statesmen about the continued prejudice shown by mainstream commentators towards political bloggers in the UK: "Cosy members of the established commentariat eye bloggers suspiciously, as if beneath our funny c…

Google to add Blogger to Google Apps

Google have announced that they are adding a raft of tools to Google Apps, including Blogger. Perhaps it’s a sign that Blogger is growing up, although they’ll need to develop it much further for it to really compete with WordPress, but it is certainly better than an awful lot of so-called enterprise blogging systems. The addition of Blogger to the… Read more →

Enterprise 2.0 Beta

Via Anthony Mayfield, I discovered this video from KS12: Anthony pulls two ideas out of the video: How our need to assign and take the credit for ideas can mess things up; and how sometimes information should just fade from view as it gets older, rather than being always perfectly preserved. I pulled out another: That releasing software in beta… Read more →

The iPad – a social computer?

I’ve been ignoring all the build-up to this year’s Apple produce announcement, mainly because I just didn’t want to get my hopes up. But it turns out that I’m actually quite excited about the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer. I had a very spirited discussion with my husband on the train last night as we were catching up on the announcements… Read more →

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