Hulu Unveils Subscription Service For $9.99 a Month – Media Decoder Blog –

Kevin: Stunning move by Hulu. $10 a month buys you access (in the US) to every espisode of every show that its affiliated networks provide. That's on your computer, your iPhone, your iPad, some internet-connected TVs and soon the XBox and PS3. Woa…

Disrupt or be disrupted

more about “ Why do people listen to Michael Ros…“, posted with vodpod Andy Dickinson has a post asking the question: Why do people listen to Michael Rosenblum? Andy thinks that Michael is worth listening to but that his approach doesn’t “work across the board”. At conferences, many in the room may be hearing Michael’s message for the first time,… Read more →

A tangle with gravity

I wrote this post yesterday afternoon, but technical problems stopped me from being able to post it. Horizon was, by the way, fab. Whilst Kev and I were at the gym this morning, we caught an interview with Dr Brian Cox on BBC Breakfast, talking to Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams about an episode of Horizon, What on Earth is… Read more →

Commissioning for audiences not platforms

I got a late call on Monday inviting me to the roll out of Channel 4 Education’s new line-up. Hats off to Steve Moore for mentioning me and getting me invited. Steve thought I should be there because Channel 4 was shifting its educational focus from TV to other interactive platforms including social networks, online games and consoles. The Media… Read more →

TV is from Mars, the Internet is from Venus

After a day at Un-festival, attendees reported back to the main festival about the discussions and demonstrations. Suw moderated the panel. Paul Cleghorn: Tape it off the Internet (TIOTI) Chris Jackson: freelance broadcast tech and strategy consultant, Rosie Brown: TV producer (didn’t quite catch all that Rosie does) Hannu Rajaniemi, with ThinkTank Mathematics Ian Forrester: BBC Backstage Suw kicked… Read more →