Emily Cummins – my Ada Lovelace Day Heroine

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, the annual celebration of the achievements of women in science, tech, engineering and maths. As the Tweets flow thick and fast and the new website holds its ground, it’s time for me to think about my own contribution. This year I have chosen Emily Cummins as my Heroine. At just 24, Emily has already won a… Read more →

Will Apple’s obstinacy become self-defeating?

Apple’s attitude towards app approval for iTunes has been strange, to say the least. Stories abound of ?seemingly innocent applications being rejected for obscure reasons or, indeed, no real reason at all. The latest example of their arbitrariness is the rejection of Time’s subscription-based magazine app for Sports Illustrated, “where consumers would download the magazines via Apple’s iTunes, but would pay Time… Read more →

BBC Backstage five year retrospective

The BBC’s developer community, Backstage, is swiftly approaching five years old and I have been asked by Ian Forrester if I would put together a retrospective. We are, of course, going to do some mash-ups, but we’re not just interested in collecting data, we want people to share with us their stories and memories too. I’ve got two proto-mash-ups in… Read more →

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